Current Projects

Watch for new lines capable of providing fire protection, to be constructed from the east side of the ballpark on Loop179 and running north along Highway 271. We anticipate the new hospital will over time attract many new businesses to this corridor and we will be ready to meet their water needs.

New Pressure Booster Plant Completed

If you live in the Knights Forrest and Whispering Pines subdivisions west of Daingerfield, you may have recently noticed a significant increase in your water pressure. This is due to the completion of our new facility on Morris County Road 1127. The amount of increase for each home is tied to the elevation of your site. Enjoy the additional water and thanks for being a member of Bi-County WSC.

New Lines South of Daingerfield

We are expanding our service area by adding new lines along the west side of U.S. 259 from FM 144 to just south of the Daingerfield city limits. If you are intersted in acquiring new service in this area, call our office for details.

Bi-County Current Projects

We have completed a remodeling on our office, hopefully adding many more useful years to its life.

We have added siding to the building to made it look more professional, rebuilt the rotting beams and flooring, replaced the old gravel parking lot with concrete and added a handicap ramp for easier access to the office. While some of our neighboring water systems have constructed expensive new buildings, we believe we have successfully upgraded our facility at a fraction of the cost of new construction.